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July 25, 2019

Legal practice in Nigeria has long been plagued with drawbacks, that delay the judicial process and we’re not talking technicalities. Besides the usual delay tactics and case strategies deployed by cunning counsel and litigants, there’s the classic administrative bottlenecks and strenuous procedures that heap problems on what is an already aging system.


I’ll bring some of these issues to the spotlight. Judges, for example, spend a whole chunk of time writing and writing…and writing during proceedings. During the trial, dealing with cross-examination questions can be quite burdensome. Even worse, witnesses and accused persons sometimes have a lot to say and will be forced to slow down their pace to enable the judge to take down notes. Imagine a Judge having about 15 cases on the cause list for the day and having to do all of that writing, in addition to the mental task of presiding over proceedings. Imagine having to agonizingly wait your turn.  


It doesn’t just even end there. Sometimes, we need proceedings fast, instantly and as soon as possible. Typically, you would have to obtain certified true copies which entail making an application letter, then waiting for approval, then paying necessary fees, then chasing the registrars (if they’re not too busy) and then looking for a way to get it duly stamped. The amount of effort and stress required to do something that ordinarily should come easily is immense.


As with almost every other thing these days, innovative technology is something that can be of tremendous assistance. VocalScript now offers instant, accurate and affordable transcription services. By simply recording your media via our mobile app or through your phone, and having it uploaded onto the VocalScript Platform for transcription, you can get your accurate transcripts within minutes to hours with guaranteed accuracy. This also applies to your meetings, seminars, events, lectures, etc.


Our Transcription Service entails recording and transcribing Court Proceedings Verbatim with 100% accuracy to aid and revolutionise Judicial practice in Nigeria. VocalScript will be integrated with the Nigerian Judicial System to provide instant, easily accessible, error-free transcriptions.


In turn, this will take away stress from Judges, afford them an opportunity to be more attentive to cases, and fasten proceedings to increase overall productivity and reduce case adjournments that are often brought about due to lengthy proceedings.


Practicing Lawyers can also use the service to have transcripts of witness depositions, audio recordings, meetings, etc. as exhibits for your case. The possibilities are endless, easy, and affordable.


Speak it. Script it.