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October 20, 2019

The tasty benefit of transcription is the fact that it can increase the efficiency of almost any workflow. Digital transcript produced by swift conversion of audio or video to text offers a multitude of uses for different industries. Whether it's from legal to medical and academic contexts, or even market research and business meetings, transcription brings great value to numerous professional sectors.

On more than one occasion, we have had to handle rush order on transcript production. To ensure this is possible, it’s important to keep the following factors in mind for maximum satisfaction with your order:


1. Crystal Clear Audio

The accuracy with which any transcript is produced depends, first and foremost, on the quality of the audio or video recording to be transcribed. This is the case for both human and machine transcription services. While highly skilled transcriptionists are more likely to be capable of deciphering those harder-to-make-out words and expressions, human transcription is significantly slower when compared with machines.

Examples of poor-quality recordings are those with high background noise or too distant of a recording, making speech virtually inaudible. It is critical to make sure the recording device is in close enough proximity to the speaker(s) and any other sources of noise that may prevent them from being recorded with clarity are kept to a minimum.


2. The Right Expertise

Another important factor to consider before submitting your rush transcription order is whether the service provider you have chosen has the right industry expertise. Lacking this knowledge can decrease the delivered transcript’s accuracy or even increase the time required to produce your order. The consequence of either of these happening would result in a much higher final cost for you.

If your recording is very industry-specific, experienced transcriptionists are a must-have to deliver the desired result in the most cost-effective manner. Aside from the expertise, other skill sets that offer added-value are translations services. If you know that there may be a need for your transcript to be translated into other languages, it is better to think long-term and partner with a provider that can offer this additional service themselves or recommend a reputable company to do so…like us, especially us!


3. Human-Assisted Automated Transcription

When working with tight turnarounds, computer-assisted transcription does most of the heavy lifting as the technology is able to process information at a much higher speed. While more and more transcription providers today employ automatic speech recognition technology to boost their automated services, the efficacy of this feature is based upon how much training their machines have had to date.


At VocalScript, we work with the latest techniques in artificial intelligence to regularly update our speech recognition algorithm utilizing machine learning. Thanks to our extensive experience in this field, we have access to vast amounts of exceptionally high quality data with which to train and consistently improve the accuracy of our automated services. Our global community of skilled transcriptionists complement this service by catching out any nuance in speech or terminology to deliver top-quality transcripts at affordable pricing and within 24-48 hours.


Your Needs Will Define the Right Rush Order Service for You

In essence, the type of rush order service you should contract greatly depends on your specific transcription needs. If all you require is a quick initial draft where complete accuracy is not necessary, our First Draft service will help you save on time and cost. Where 100% accuracy is a must, our Standard and Full Verbatim services will turn your recordings into digital transcripts in the format of your choice within 1-3 business days.

Whatever your transcription rush order needs may be, get in touch with our sales team today to discover which service is the best match for you!


Remember…if you can speak it, we can script it!