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November 3, 2019

Hi there,  We'd just love to enlighten you on the incredible and easy benefits you stand to gain by using the VocalScript App. 

VocalScript provides fast and accurate voice-to-text transcription and translation, starting at N50 ($0.14) per audio minute. Yes, that's correct,! Fast, accurate and affordable voice-to-text transcription starting at just N50 ($0.14) per audio minute!

The Mobile app is free to download, but transcription services are subject to VocalScriptís normal pricing.  Here's a quick summary of what you stand to gain: 

Voice Recording Made Simple

The VocalScript App has an in-built voice Recorder that allows you to capture important audio directly from your phone.

Rather than carrying around a separate recording device, you can download a voice recording app on your phone. Whether you're a journalist conducting an interview, a detective speaking with a witness, or a blogger composing a new piece of content, a voice recorder is a useful tool to have at your disposal. Just keep in mind that not all voice recording apps are created equal. Some have additional functionality that you may find useful, like the ability to order a transcript directly from the app.

TheVocalScript App pairs convenient voice recording with simple transcription services, making it the best friend of journalists and professionals everywhere.

It is more than a standard voice recorder. It is a free voice recording app that provides superior sound quality, user-friendly functionality, and quick transcription services with a single tap.

Now available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play, this is a voice recording app for people who value efficiency and accuracy.

So what exactly does our Mobile App do besides recording? 

- Our Mobile app is a Fast transcription app for students, researchers, professionals, legal groups, medical practitioners and more.

- It's definitely the best-in-class privacy with a secure, micro-tasked transcription workflow.

- Easy in-app recording for high-quality audio and purchase in Naira. 

- For iPhone users: Upload from apps like Dropbox and Voice Memos, and receive push notifications when transcripts are finished. 

To be really honest, there's nothing to lose by having the handy app on your mobile phone or device. Here at VocalScript, we're completely focused on providing a seamless experience so if you can speak it, we'd definitely script it.