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January 12, 2020

Itís the start of a new decade and itís become more apparent that weíve approached a very vital moment in technology. Last year saw the emergence of diverse technological solutions, some that couldnít ordinarily have been envisaged. All factors indicate that thereíll be no slowing down. 

Itís easy to conflate speech recognition technology with the high-tech. largely inaccessible uses that donít affect with the daily lives of most people. But the reality is that speech recognition technology is an increasing presence in our everyday lives, with conveniences and uses that many of us are not even aware of. 

Anyone who owns a smartphone, or uses voice-activated commands while driving or even searching for a location can find themselves to be a beneficiary of this ever more popular technology. And itís easy to see its appeal: itís quick, convenient, and accessible. This can only mean one thing: the more advanced this technology becomes, the more widespread the use will be for speech recognition technology in the times ahead. 

Like it or not, those times are upon us. 2020 is poised to be a year in which speech recognition technology is set to be at its highest use yet. These are some of the top trends that we can look forward to in the year ahead?


1. In 2020, up to 50% of web searches will be made by voice. 

2. Opportunities for businesses are likely to increase as people use voice search to search local businesses.

3. Peopleís reliance on voice search will continue to move from more recreational use to increasingly important uses that affect each sphere of their lives.

4. Look forward to increased accuracy in speech recognition. The AI behind modern speech recognition technology now boasts an accuracy rate of 95%, which means that in just a short time, the accuracy rate will further increase. 

5. AI is only getting smarter. With critical factors like improved algorithms and higher user volume, neural networks are making deeper connections more quickly, allowing for their ďguessesĒ to be more accurate and more complex. 

6. Expect to see more smart speakers becoming common household fixtures as tech leaders begin creating their own versions of Alexa, Siri and Cortana, among others. 

7. 2020 is kicking off with tens of millions of smart speaker users, which is even set to increase to over hundreds of millions of users in the years ahead. 

8. Speech recognition technology is already available in over 119 languages. With an increase in smartphone users worldwide, this number is slated to increase in 2020 as the technology becomes more accessible to more users. 

9. Ads will become better at targeting specific markets with more users making hyperlocal voice searches. 

10. Increasing percentages of voice command searches are done on mobile devices, making

mobile technology one of the biggest vessels of this new technological capability.


Human behaviour is actually changing because of speech recognition technology. As much as evidence has shown that AI needs human interaction to train it to help it become even smarter and more precise, there is sufficient data that shows humans are adapting to the increased intelligence of this available technology. 

And with the increased accessibility of speech recognition technology, there is no doubt that we are going to continue to adapt to it being an increasing part of our daily lives. 

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