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May 3, 2020

Itís safe to say that this year has brought in its fair share of challenges for teams that normally work out of physical office space as well as for those that function in remote environments. Circumstances have made nearly everyone say that they are members of a remote team.  In effect, this has resulted in the establishment of new business and work schedules, strategies, and habits with a view to ensuring that teams stay productive and are motivated. Regardless of this, there are still a few tips that can aid in improving the efficiency of teams working remotely. 

Adopt a channel to obtain Feedback 

An important part of maintaining a good atmosphere for an efficient workplace is creating a full-bodied system for giving and receiving feedback to and from colleagues and employees. Studies show that peer feedback actually drives productivity in the workplace. Regardless of whether this is done formally, as regular performance reviews, or informally, from co-worker to co-worker, once there is a means to share feedback, it aids in keeping teams motivated regardless of where they are located. 

When the thoughts of employees are taken into account, they would naturally thrive in such an environment. Also, when they are receiving feedback on their performance, team members are likely to work more efficiently. Bearing this in mind, managers should consider implementing regular one-on-one performance reviews, with team and whole-office meetings as part of the mix. In addition, ensure that your employees are aware of the formal and informal means through which they can give and receive feedback.

Encourage a Healthy Work-Life Balance

A vital tip to working efficiently, especially when emotions and stresses are running high, is maintaining a healthy work-life balance. With that, fostering an environment for your team members in which effective time-management of both professional and personal tasks is valued, will help in reaching that balance. In the end, your team will bring a positive attitude to their roles and serve as catalysts in spreading this energy throughout the virtual office. 

As an employer, here are some ways to work towards this:

ē If possible, provide your team with a monthly stipend for health and wellness that could be used towards a healthy meal delivery service or online fitness classes.

ē Encourage team members to take mini-breaks throughout the work day to build in physical activity. Whether itís a 5-minute yoga break at the desk, or a quick walk outside if possible.

ē Schedule regular check-ins with your team so that they have the opportunity to reconnect with their teammates and reach out for help, if needed.

ē You could reserve one day of the week ó Fridays are always a popular choice ó for a social hangout with the team. This can be done over video or even via one of our favorite workplace tools for remote teams, Slack or Zoom.

Take Advantage of the Many Collaboration Tools Available

We had previously talked about tools for a productive workplace in a separate article. The awesome part is that they are all online and at your disposal at any time. So whether itís Slack for communicating with others instantly, Harvest for tracking time or Asana for project management, there are endless options to make online collaboration easier than ever. 

If youíre looking to maximize the focus of team meetings in the midst of notifications and instant messages, consider incorporating the VocalScript App into your teamís toolkit. The app allows you to record every presentation, meeting or phone call and turn it into text format. This means that content can be searched and reviewed instantly, allowing your team to fully focus on participating in your meeting. With the capability to record directly from a phone or tablet, a recording can be easily uploaded to VocalScript transcription platform. For iPhone users, the app integrates seamlessly with other workflow tools like Dropbox and Voice Memos as the files can be uploaded directly from there to the VocalScript app.

With an easy-to-use interface and the highest-quality audio recording, your team can be sure to get the best quality transcripts, delivered in no time. Keeping these important efficiency-boosting tips in your back pocket could be the difference between losing touch with your remote team and your most productive year yet. As you move through the year ahead, donít forget that VocalScript is a key tool to keep you and your team on track and working efficiently.