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November 8, 2020

Thereís been a surge in the usage of online platforms for business. This has also resulted in a significant growth on the creation of contents either audio or video. One area thatís really vital is the creation of podcasts.

Podcasts are a great way to reach new audiences and bring visibility to your brand. Diversifying your content with podcast transcription will help you improve your websiteís SEO and grow your audience.

Transcription offers your listeners the best of audio and written content. It makes your content more accessible and improves your siteís Google Search rankings. Letís look into the importance of SEO and how you can use podcast audio transcription to boost SEO.



Like other digital marketing activities, itís not enough to record your podcast, publish it, and hope for the best. You shouldnít rely on shares from your existing audience to grow your reach. SEO helps you reach an audience outside of your immediate marketing efforts by making your content more discoverable through search engines. The better your SEO ranking is, the more likely a search engine is to pick up your content and rank it for certain keywords people may search.



SEO is important, but your podcast audio canít be optimized on its own. You need to transcribe the audio file to get the benefits.


Hereís how your podcast transcripts actually help boost your SEO:


       Keyword Optimization 

Finding the right keywords is a key aspect of optimizing your podcast with a text transcript. Keywords show Google that your podcast episode relates to user searches. This increases the chances of it showing up in search results.


       Getting Backlinks

Keywords are not the only significant factor in search engine rankings. Being seen as an authority in your niche also helps drive traffic to your content.


Podcast transcriptions make it easier for authoritative sites to link to you, especially if they want to call out something specific from the podcast without skipping through the entire recording. Backlinks allow you to build SEO and reach new audiences.


       Creating More Accessible Content

Audio is not an ideal medium for everyoneófor example, those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, or those whose first language is not English. Transcripts make your content more accessible to more people and improve the user experience. They also make the content more easily searchable for those who may want to use your podcast material as a resource or backlink.



Now that you know the benefits, here are some ways to improve your podcast SEO and increase your podcast episodesí reach.


       Record with SEO in Mind

Consider topics and keywords your potential audience may be interested in before recording. Plan your podcast episodes in order to optimize for relevant keywords. Then your podcast transcripts will automatically be optimized for SEO and improve the quality of content on your website.


       Choose the Right Keywords

Keywords are important, but podcast hosts need to mix it up. Use one main keyword per episode. This keyword should have low competition and high search volume to improve your chances of ranking. You can use various SEO tools to help you with this process.

        Pick the Right Title

The title of your podcast is like the subject line of an email. If itís not good, no one will click on it. Appealing titles will encourage people to listen and will keep them coming back.


       Podcast Transcription Services will Help 

Transcripts are time consuming to produce manually and often costly to order, which may deter some podcasters from pursuing this content strategy. Rev provides quick and affordable transcripts that help bring better SEO within reach.