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September 29, 2019

Conferences can provide an incredible opportunity for personal and business growth. A great conference means the chance to network, to discover new innovations and competitors in your space, and to keep up with the latest in thought leadership. With the wealth of content on offer, there’s something for everyone.


Yet in big conferences, with various tracks and streams, it’s impossible to keep up with such a huge amount of quality content. If you’re rushing to scribble information down with a pen and paper, you’ll be sure to miss out on some key content and important quotes. The best way to ensure you don’t miss a beat? Use voice-to-text to capitalize on your next conference and make the most of every minute.


The Many Ways Voice-to-Text can Help You

There are endless ways in which voice-to-text can be an invaluable tool for your next conference. Conferences are places full of inspiring ideas that you can take and apply to your own professional life, but if you’re trying hard to listen, and quickly take notes at the same time, you’re sure to miss something. That’s when voice-to-text can come in handy so that you can concentrate on what’s happening live on stage, and have all the notes ready for when you get home. It could even give you the perfect quote for your next tweet or LinkedIn post, so you can feedback the highlights of your experience.


For some, your job role or industry could mean that voice-to-text transcription is even more of a powerful resource. For example, are you a journalist reporting on all the action at the conference? Voice-to-text can help you to secure those all important quotes and key ideas so that you get your articles out the door and fast-track your coverage.


Or, perhaps you are a conference organizer yourself? You can use voice-to-text as a powerful tool to capture all of the content happening on stage. In big conferences, it’s impossible for attendees to be present across all the different tracks and streams. Luckily, with voice-to-text, you can easily cover everything that’s happening across the conference, and relay what’s happening back to the attendees, to the press, or to your fellow organizers to keep the “best bits”ť and help promote your event.


How to Get Accurate, High-Quality Transcripts

When it comes to voice-to-text tools, speed and accuracy is everything. So, how can you make sure you get excellent transcripts with a short turnaround time? The team at VocalScript are industry leaders in converting your recorded conference audio to clear text. Our combined use of artificial intelligence-powered voice recognition software, with the skills of our expert transcribers, means we deliver the highest quality transcripts at over 98% accuracy.


But, that’s not all… VocalScript’s quality assurance process is second-to-none, built up of rigorous automated quality checks, extensive peer reviews, weekly spot checks and more, all to ensure that only the very best transcripts are produced.


The Transcription You Need On-The-Go

For instant transcription on the move, the VocalScript app for mobile is the perfect solution, allowing you to quickly and easily record conference speakers and convert speech to accurate text right away. You can record entire speeches, presentations and interviews, and there’s even space for you to add your notes in-between. The VocalScript app is perfect for those making multiple recordings, as the library feature makes it easy to manage and sort your voice recordings and transcripts, so you can keep track of it all.


Don’t miss anything by rushing your notes ever again, and let the transcriber do the work. Whether using VocalScript’s transcription services, or the VocalScript app, get in touch with us today to discuss how we can empower your next business conference with our unparalleled transcription services.


Remember…if you can Speak it, we can Script it!